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Recent Sighting:

Eastern Osprey Pandion cristatus

Order: Falconiformes — Family: Accipitridae

snowbunting Eastern Osprey at Jamestown, NY To my surprise a new nest on an electric tower near Jamestown..must be a well stocked creek that it is sitting above.

rayray5x Eastern Osprey at Sterling, I spotted a pair of osprey last weekend while fishing in Sterling. It looks like they took over a nest used by blue heron last year.

gbil4243 Eastern Osprey at Massachusetts 2, Littleton, MA Littleton/Boxboro Heron Rookery: 1 adult osprey observed feeding fish to young in nest.

Coyoteguy Eastern Osprey at Polk, IN A first for me!! Absolutely thrilling and got to watch him fish for 30 minutes this morning!

birdinggirl Eastern Osprey at Pocasset, MA Enjoyed watching the ospreys fishing this morning while my dad and I were digging for quahogs. They're always there at low tide of course.

ckontos Eastern Osprey at New Brunswick, NJ over Watson Mill Pond flying in circles with a pretty big fish! Osprey packing a lunch!

mattbango Eastern Osprey at 34134, FL I can see at least 8 active Osprey nests along the beach of Lovers Key