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Recent Sighting:


gbil4243 Tricolored Heron at Scarboro Marshes, ME 2 of the 3 previously reported Tricoloreds were seen yesterday morning along the Eastern Trail section of Scarborough Marsh, what a Lifer!!

gbil4243 American Oystercatcher at Hills Beach, ME 2 Oystercatchers (a Lifer for me) came in at low tide at Hills Beach....what amazing and gorgeous birds!!

gbil4243 Roseate Tern at Hills Beach, ME Observed 4 of them (probably more out there) amongst a sizable group of Common and Least Terns at Hills Beach along the Biddeford/York line.

gbil4243 Grey Jay at NH, USA Hiked up to Pothole Rocks (1 mile up, 800' elev. change) along Caps Ridge Trail off of Jefferson Notch Rd. Saw 2 adult and 2 juv Gray Jays!

gbil4243 Clapper Rail at Westport, MA The Clapper is still calling Allens Pond home, seen (calling also) in the tidal-flats area in between the Beach Loop and the parking lot.

gbil4243 Acadian Flycatcher at Westport, MA 1 Acadian seen calling (pit-sah) atop a brush pile about 75 yards to the right, off of the Boulder Loop trail, fairly near the vernal pool.

gbil4243 Common Moorhen at Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, MA A lone Moorhen in Upper impoundment across from bench situated approx 300+ yards from center dike trail (take a left at end of center dike).

gbil4243 Northern Raven at Long Lake, MA 5 Ravens communicating, socializing with each other in the SE corner of Long Lake Park, along the meadows there and the AT&T Comm Tower.

gbil4243 Spotted Sandpiper at Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge, NH 7 of them seen at Cherry Pond, altogether with one another, bobbing and teetering as is there wont! Most I have ever seen at one time!