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Recent Sighting:

My heart bird is the bobwhite, who always answered me back as a kid in MI. Became a birder years later, while editing a series of bird field guides.

  • Birmingham, AL (United States) Location

Recent Updates and Sightings

Got a lifer today! American Pipit. Walking along water's edge on rocks/sand near some Killdeer. (Tried to post as sighting; won't upload.)

@redtailfan It really is an amazing story. And he posed for photos. Hope he'll be okay after drying off. Red-shouldered family lives nearby.

@pararebirds Yes, a friend saw it out there and took the waverunner to it. The hawk decided to jump on and ride to shore. It's still there.

This young hawk was found in the lake – jumped on a waverunner for a ride to land. (too bad for low light).

Red-shouldered Hawk at Pell City, AL He's on the ground in the yard a lot today, constantly harrassed by mockingbirds.

Great Crested Flycatcher at Pell City, AL Think it's nesting in our Purple Martin house. And I'm pretty sure two of them just mated.

@pararebirds Yes, always hate to see it. My only "sighting" of an American Woodcock was a building strike. I don't count it as a lifer.

Cedar Waxwing at AL, USA Mourning the death of two Cedar Waxwings, their migration cut short by the side of this shiny office building.

I guess you can't type between the species sighting fields. White-throated Sparrow still singing in Moody, AL.

White-throated Sparrow at Moody, AL still singing in still. I swear it sounds more like "Oh, sweet Canada" today!