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Recent Sighting:

I am still fairly new to birding and would like to learn more and meet people with the same interests.

  • Leominster, MA (United States) Location

Recent Updates and Sightings

Killdeer at Sterling, MA 1 adult with 3 young ones and 6 or 7 others around Stump Pond

Just looked it up and it was a summer tanager. Thank you nycmike.

I was at Pratts Jct. Rd. in Sterling, MA. Thanks for the info.

I saw a small bright red bird, yellow wing patch or breast. Help identify please?!

@gbil4243 They truly are beautiful birds. They circled only about 10 feet above me. The wing span was enormous.

Eastern Osprey at Sterling, I spotted a pair of osprey last weekend while fishing in Sterling. It looks like they took over a nest used by blue heron last year.