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Recent Sighting:

Here is what everyone on ChirpTracker is saying

gbil4243 Blue Grosbeak at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, MA Life bird! 2 seen at Plum today, one at Hellcat along the Marsh Loop, and the 2nd one seen at the Wardens around the bushes/trees in back!

gbil4243 If anybody wants Lincoln's Sparrows, Dickcissels or CT Warblers, they're still at Cumberland Farm Fields off of River St in Middleboro, MA!

gbil4243 Common Nighthawk at Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, MA Between the times of 7 and 720 pm, 3 Nighthawks were observed up a bit high heading west over the Upper Pool/Impoundment at GMNWR in Concord

gbil4243 Tricolored Heron at Scarboro Marshes, ME 2 of the 3 previously reported Tricoloreds were seen yesterday morning along the Eastern Trail section of Scarborough Marsh, what a Lifer!!

gbil4243 American Oystercatcher at Hills Beach, ME 2 Oystercatchers (a Lifer for me) came in at low tide at Hills Beach....what amazing and gorgeous birds!!

gbil4243 Roseate Tern at Hills Beach, ME Observed 4 of them (probably more out there) amongst a sizable group of Common and Least Terns at Hills Beach along the Biddeford/York line.

gbil4243 Grey Jay at NH, USA Hiked up to Pothole Rocks (1 mile up, 800' elev. change) along Caps Ridge Trail off of Jefferson Notch Rd. Saw 2 adult and 2 juv Gray Jays!

gbil4243 Had 1 male Blackburnian, a Magnolia, 3 Winter Wrens, a Swainson's Thrush & 7 Ravens off of Trudeau Rd in Whitefield, NH this past Sunday!

gbil4243 And for those whom are interested, there are 2 Common Moorhens, 2 Least Bitterns and a Coot whom are currently at Great Meadows NWR-Concord.

gbil4243 Please note both the Acadian Flycatcher & Clapper Rail were seen yesterday afternoon, though I would wager that both are still there today!

gbil4243 Clapper Rail at Westport, MA The Clapper is still calling Allens Pond home, seen (calling also) in the tidal-flats area in between the Beach Loop and the parking lot.