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Co-Founder of ChirpTracker and wanna be nature photographer

Recent Updates and Sightings

@kristynrae Incredible sighting for this time of year. You should definitely report it to the local Audubon center and even eBird.

Early shorebirds (American Oystercatcher and Piping Plover) are starting to show up.

There's a Hermit Warbler at Sunken Meadow State Park in Long Island!

Just watch a Loggerhead Shrike attack and kill a Palm Warbler. About 35 Palm and Pine warblers instantly mobbed and watched the carnage.

@pporonto Yep, looks like you have yourself a juv. Sharp-shinned Hawk. Determined by the squared tail and "no neck" posture.

I had 24 new life birds on a trip out west to Colorado!

@snowbunting Migrating shorebirds are especially susceptible as they start migrating south in July and get heavy in August and September.