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24 year-old biologist for the Connecticut Audubon Society.

Recent Updates and Sightings

I've put the Connecticut Audubon Society on Twitter now - - please follow us and we'll return the favor!

Please check out the new and official Connecticut Audubon Society blog!

I followed several of you on Twitter. I'm @Kruitbosch there, find me! Hope everyone is well & seeing great birds. Crazy but here comes fall.

Saw many good birds this past month. Best was American Avocet at the Coastal Center in Milford CT which many of you visited this summer.

Pectoral Sandpiper at 3277-3299 Access Rd, Stratford, CT Had one yesterday as the shorebirds are finally hitting the town in numbers. Too hot and sticky to do much birding here today.

@Taryn Can't. Town would never let it happen. Liable for injuries, and you NEED heavy equipment. Propane tanks, asbestos, etc., so unsafe.

@redtailfan Oh, & we had a referendum last fall which passed with around 2/3 of the voters saying yes to selling it for conservation. Ugh.

@Dawn Thanks & if it the deal ever falls through I, among others, will make it national. I know ppl. will rise up, scream, sue, yell, etc.

@redtailfan which the govt. is paying $10M (!) for. Rejecting the start b/c stimulus funds are too tough on the IQ, ugh. It was pathetic.

@redtailfan My town has fools. I don't mean that from a conservation standpoint. It's a horrific abandoned dangerous drug filled nightmare

@redtailfan It's a long story, but it's beyond that. Audubon state, federal, trust for public land, USFWS, etc. worked for years on this.

We need those beaches. Home to PIPL, LETE, more. I was at that meeting, what a disgrace. Think we convinced USFWS not to give away $ yet.

I may need to enlist all of you and your contacts in the future to fight Stratford over stupidity such as this:

@Dawn Found more eaten eggs. Today I actually found at least 15 Terrapins swimming around in a deep pool in the marsh. Important spot maybe.