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Recent Sighting:

retired teacher

  • Woodlawn, Ont. (Canada) Location

Recent Updates and Sightings

Golden-crowned Kinglet at Ottawa, ON very late for this area but it is still "mild" and there is no snow down, other sightings east and south of Ottawa

wild turkeys are doing well in this region.

Eastern Kingbird at Ottawa, ON in an odd place, high on a white pine eating dragonflies a heavily wooded area

Humming birds, common yellow throats, black throated blue and green warblers, pileated woodpecker, ovenbird & chickadees on my morning walk.

Mornings and evenings are very chirpy and twittery here but generally the birds are busy nesting.

It's -1'C here this morning and thing are very very quiet in the bush.

Black-throated Green Warbler at Ottawa, ON there are quite a few in the bush. They must be moving through the area.