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Recent Sighting:

Bird watching is the most worthwhile and exhilarating hobby out there! Just get out there folks and spend time with your fine-feathered friends!

Recent Updates and Sightings

Northern Raven at Long Lake, MA 5 Ravens communicating, socializing with each other in the SE corner of Long Lake Park, along the meadows there and the AT&T Comm Tower.

Spotted Sandpiper at Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge, NH 7 of them seen at Cherry Pond, altogether with one another, bobbing and teetering as is there wont! Most I have ever seen at one time!

Chestnut-sided Warbler at Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge, NH Saw several of this gorgeous, striking warbler, heard many many more singing! Most seen along main trail where it bisects with powerlines.

Brown Thrasher at Whitefield, NH 2 of them intermingling with one another near Airport Marsh. Always a pleasure to seem no matter where I am!

Bobolink at Whitefield, NH Saw several, but heard many more at the Airport Marsh next to the Mt. Washington Municipal Airport in the Whitefield/Jefferson area.

Broad-winged Hawk at Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge, NH Only my 2nd time seeing one, and twas a Lifer for Kirk while sitting out on the observation deck at Little Cherry Pond.

Black-backed Woodpecker at Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge, NH A lone female along Little Cherry Pond Trail in a section of blowdown....I personally didn't get to see it, but my birding buddy Kirk did!

@rktemp Congrats on the getting the Magnolia as a Lifer! Such beautiful warblers they are!!

3 new Lifers yesterday: Vesper Sparrow in Lancaster, MA off of Pine Hill Rd; Yellow-throated and Bay-breasted Warblers at Parker River NWR!

Cerulean Warbler at Wompatuck State Park, MA One lonely male singing nearly all day long yesterday along the trail that leads to Picture Pond in Wompatuck (and yes, this bird was seen).

Rose-breasted Grosbeak at MA, USA Both male and female present again this year, eating from our feeders and singing around the yard. They nest around here every year.

Northern Parula at MA, USA 4 Parulas out in maples in front of our driveway this morning, gleaning insects and singing!

Red-shouldered Hawk at MA, USA One RS Hawk flying over our property, ker-yawing; also had one at Boxford State Forest!

Louisiana Waterthrush at Boxford State Forest, MA 1 LA Waterthrush around stream flowing out of southern end of Crooked Pond, singing profusely as well!

Black-throated Green Warbler at MA, USA Couldn't get on the bugger, but the BT Green's song is very nice to hear!