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Recent Sighting:

Art Teacher/Bird Spy&Budgie owner/Good at not throwing stuff out!

  • Gambrills, MD (USA) Location

Recent Updates and Sightings

Wood Thrush at Gambrills, MD They're back now.Heard my first one last night. Now there are more

Ruby-throated Hummingbird at Gambrills, MD Male & female hummers(1 pr)have returned to our porch looking for feeder. Promptly found it & filled it with nectar. They're back!

Eastern Bluebird at Gambrills, MD Male bluebird peering down at me,perched in a tree in woods bordering a farm field.Did not budge--seemed to want to observe us!

Black crows(2)lurking in my dad's backyard on this Thanksgiving eve.Early guests?

Crowe causing a real ruckus in my dad's backyard;not sure what is going on

Carolina Wren at Gambrills, MD Making a racket with pecking at a seed on top of the a.c. unit in the window--feisty!

Pileated Woodpecker at Gambrills, MD Heard the drumming on snag and then saw it flying up through pine branches--majestic!

House Wren at Gambrills, MD House wren cheerily announcing his territory on the fence post outside my bedroom window--what an alarm!

Ruby-throated Hummingbird at Gambrills, MD 4 hummers in a feeding frenzy;3 females(or 1 female and 2 immature?)one male