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Recent Sighting:

I have been birding for "OMG, can-you-believe-it 20 years. I travel for work, so hopefully you will see sighting from all over the place.

Recent Updates and Sightings

Female Varied Bunting feeding young Madera Canyon AZ

3 Sharpies. 1 Broadwing & 1 No.Harrier. at Mt Peter Hawk Watch.

@Billtacular Good Luck with the Puffins. I took a boat out to Eastern Egg Island, I think. There are lots of tours around though.

@nycmike We're meeting at 8am at the visitor's center. If you can join us, that would be great. Much silliness is happening already.

Carolina Wren at West Milford, NJ The teakettle I heard in the distance turned out to be coming from the brush pile tucked into the corner of the yard.

@woodcreeper There is a central Jersey contingent coming to the JB outing on Aug 22nd. Are you around and interested in joining us?

@nycmike Will you be able to join us at JBNWR on the 22nd? It's gonna be fun with some great peeps (hopefully of both kinds.)

Jamaica Bay meet-up Aug 22nd. High tide is 10:30-ish. We are meeting at the visitor's center at 8am. Come join us!!!

@Billtacular Will you be around for the Aug 22nd tweet-up/meet-up at Jamaica Bay?

I just have to say I do love the sound of a crowing rooster wafting through the trees on this fine summer day.