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Recent Updates and Sightings

What to do now:

1. Tell everyone what you're doing in the box above.

You can use the box above to start talking to everyone or you can post a sighting. To post a sighting simply follow the following format:

S "Species Name" L "Any Location, Zip Code, GPS Coordinates" Write your message about the sighting here.

Here is an example:

S "Snowy Owl" L "Rochester, NY" A female snowy owl is being seen on the south shore of Long Pond.

When you post a sighting, the location will automatically find the administrative region, locality and GPS coordinates. When you view the full view of the sighting there will be a Google Map automatically created and you will be able to refine your sighting there by clicking and dragging the pin.

2. Find some other birders and follow what they’re doing and seeing.

Check out the Public Timeline to see what other birders are talking about and to find out what they are seeing in the field. You will also notice at the top of the page there is a black bar that will show the most recent sighting posted to ChirpTracker.

3. Play with your settings.

  • Press the "d" key on your keyboard to toggle your settings bar.
  • Press the "s" key to open the Sightings helper.
  • Press the "m" key to start a conversation with one of your followers.