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About ChirpTracker

ChirpTracker is a thriving worldwide community of people who love to find, share and talk about birds. From a birder who has 30 years of experience to a young child interested in the natural world, ChirpTracker is the perfect home for you to share your sightings, experiences and passion of birds. We share this passion for birds with you and that is why we've built and are continuing to build advanced tools to make connecting and sharing with other birders easier. Whether you are a ornithologist, field guide, back yard birder, or someone simply interested in the natural world, connect with ChirpTracker today.

ChirpTracker is a concept that provides technological enhancements to birding community. ChirpTracker utilizes the integration of satellite mapping technology with a community-based environment to steer the hobby of birding enjoyed outdoors, into the virtual realm of social media to provide a rich conservational, educational, user, and data driven platform to uncover new bird species locations around the country. The goal of the project is to offer a tool to the birding community that will allow collaboration, conversation and conservation.

Our team is based in New York and Washington, DC

ChirpTracker is the currently in private beta and is actively being developed by Matt Bango (@mattbango) and Brandon Bango (@brandonbango).

ChirpTracker statistics

  • 2009 Created in
  • 3826+ Number of sightings
  • 10,300+ Number of species we know

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