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Recent Sighting:

I'm a Plant Biology Masters student at UNH with a huge passion for Baseball, Birds, & Botany. I work with rare species in salt and brackish marshes.

Recent Updates and Sightings

Great Grey Shrike at Madbury, NH also known as "Northern Shrike"... this guy has been hanging out at Kingman Farm in NH... I see him on my way home from school routinely

Happy New Year to all - I'm "back on the map" after finishing my NH big year efforts, read about it here:

@Dawn all I know is we were in NH waters by record committee standards the whole time... not broken the record yet though

saw 20 jaegers of all 3 species in NH today - no lie!!! photos of birds and whales here: - NH's highest 1 day total ever!

@pararebirds I will... still missing some easy fall stuff in the state... another month and they'll be here!

Just saw my 280th species (Western Sandpiper) in NH for the year! Now tied for all time year record!

After briefly falling away from my computer I'm back - and to make it up to you here's the quiz bird a day early: !!!

@docforestal haha sounds good :-) would be good. especially seeing as fall shorebird season is upon us... already have one for tomorrow now!

@chirptracker is there any way we can get a "keep me signed in" sort of feature on mobile? I hate having to put my password in all the time My magical answer is up to last weeks quiz. Just in time for me to need a new one for tomorrow! I'm running out of pics!

@docforestal your mystery bird is an Eastern Wood-pewee. Thanks @dawn for pointing it out! Would have missed the post!

8 species of gull in Nh including sabines little and black headed @dawn you should have #bwbtc in NH instead!